Memory Test Situations

The memory test defines a situation as an event or scenario in everyday life where memory recall will be required. During the test, various situations will be replicated so that the test isn't just about trying to remember particular things but it is also about how your memory will perform in real life.

Definition of a situation

A classic scenario or sitaution would be where someone might tell you their name. You walk into a meeting room or other social event and someone will introduce you to someone. They say, 'Hello, I'm Sally', and now you need to remember that they are Sally. This is defined by the memory test as a situation. A real life event where you need to memorize and probably recall that chunk of information in a short space of time.

The aim of the test is for us to replicate that particular situation with a question. Therefore, instead of perhaps putting the name of a person directly onto the page, the test might show you that name in the form of a name badge. The name badge will therefore represent the situation that you are in a social environment and someone is there who's name you need to remember.

The subtle differences

The difference between just putting the name on the page and then testing the recall of that name and putting the name on a name badge is very subtle. But the brain works in a subtly different ways and the ability to a connect a name with the scenario or situation where it was given is often the difference itself. On our memory improvement section we look at ways that you can increase the performance within the test. One of the classic ways of doing this is memory assocation whereby a particular item of information, such as a name, can be connected to something else. In the situation where you are trying to remember the name of someone printed on the name badge then this can be about associating that name with the situation in which it was seen. For example, we might show a picture of a red name badge with the name Rose on it. As such, the memory test is providing any paritular information on how to remember the name Rose on a name badge but the ability for someone to use association is there. Therefore, the association of 'Red Roses' with the name of Rose on a red name badge may be a way to help recall.

Why situations ?

The point of trying to recreate real life situations rather than simply do a basic memory test is to try and get closer to how the brain works. Essentially, it's about trying to create a test that is closer to everyday events and therefore closer to being able to represent how well your memory will perform on a day to day basis.

That's not to say that we don't add some basic questions and numbers in there as well. Some of the questions are more standard and may just be a number, a picture or a something like that. This is essentially to mix things up so that the test is varied and more challenging.

You stop to ask for directions. Someone tells you a short series of instructions for you to carry out within the next few minutes.Directions
You stop to ask for directions. Someone tells you a short series of instructions for you to carry out within the next few minutes.Directions
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