Memory Test

This is a timed memory test designed to test your ability to quickly store and recall small items of everyday information. It's not easy and very few people have a memory agile enough to score over 80%. The memory test will take under five minutes.
Stage One
You will see 12 images, texts, numbers or graphics. Memorize them as quickly and as carefully you can.
Stage Two
You will get asked 12 questions with multiple choice answers related to what you have seen.

Taking The Memory Test

This test is designed to measure your quick recall memory. Although many might consider this as 'short term memory', it's not quite that simple (have a read through memory types). You will see a selection of images, words, phrases, numbers and other graphics to memorize. You will then get asked questions on what you have just seen.

Clearly, the better your memory, the better you will be able to answer the questions. However, it's also timed. So the longer you take to look at the items and the longer you take to think about the questions, the lower your score.

There are a larger number of items in the database than you will see on the test. This is so that you can take the test a few times and not see the same things each time. They are selected at random and therefore you might remember that you have seen some of them before.

A Good Memory Score

At the end of the memory test you will get a score as a percentage and you can see how you compare to others taking the test.

This test isn't easy. It's quite a challenge to quickly remember all the items and you will be surprised how difficult it is to recall them. Very few people score over 70%.

Enjoy and don't forget to share !

Associate The Objects

Many people find remembering things quickly very difficult. An easy trick to help you on this test is to related the words, images or numbers that you see to something else. For example, if you see the number six, you might try and remember that number as six eggs or perhaps the maximum number on a dice.

This method of associating items with everyday objects can make the instant recall you require that much easier. However, it may then take you longer to commit the items to memory in the first place. Consider how you might approach the test before you begin.

Enjoy and don't forget to share !

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