Memory Test

How good is your memory ? Take the memory test now.

You will see 12 images, texts, numbers and graphics.

You will then get asked 12 questions related to what you have seen.

Your first answer is your final answer.

This test is timed. The quicker you memorise and answer, the higher your score.

Taking The Memory Test

This test is designed to measure your short term memory. You will see a selection of images, words, phrases, numbers and other graphics to memorise. You will then get asked questions on what you have just seen.

Clearly, the better your memory, the better you will be able to answer the questions. However, it's also timed. So the longer you take to look at the items and the longer you take to think about the questions, the lower your score.

At the end of the memory test you will get a score as a percentage and you can see how you compare to others taking the test.

This test isn't easy. It's quite a challenge to quickly remember all the items and you will be surprised how difficult it is to recall them. Very few people score over 70%.

Enjoy and don't forget to share !

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