Help and advice on how the test works.

So how does the memory test work ?

There are two stages. Stage 1, you get to see 12 images, words, numbers or statements. You need to memorize these (without writing them down !). Stage 2, you get a multiple choice selection to test how much you remembered. At the end, you get a percentage to rate how well you did and a comparison to see how you compare. It seems easy, but it's not !

Is the test timed ?

Yes. The quicker you move through the 12 items you need to memorize and the quicker you take the stage 2 multiple choice, the higher your score. Note that we time each individual item not the entire lot. Which means if you want to spend a very long time on one item, it won't have a huge effect on your overall score as each item/question is reviewed separately.

What is a good percentage ?

Generally, anything over 70% on the memory test is considered a good score. The average varies but it does run between 50-60%. Clearly, it is possible to get 100% if you work very quickly and get everything correct.

How many items are there to memorize ?

You only need to memorize 12 items but there are more than that in the system. If you take the test again, you might get a few of the same items again but you should get a different selection which allows you to take the test a few times.

Do I know what I got wrong ?

Yes. At the end of the test alongside your memory score, you will also get a list of the items you didn't get correct.

Enjoy the test !

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