Information about the memory test and why we created it this way.

What is the Memory Test ?

This is a website that enables you to test your short term memory and then grade it with a simple percentage score. It is designed to be easy to use and quick to understand.

Why does it use different images, text and numbers ?

Because people remember things in different ways. Some people have a better recall from images than they do from a statement. Other people remember numbers better than words. We aimed to create a test that could challenge different types of memory in a way that was easy to use and understand.

Why create this quiz ?

It's what TabDesk do ! We create lot's of small, simple to use websites. Most of them are games or quizzes but every now and again we do try and make something that, while easy to quick to use, does actually do something real. The memory test is one of those. If you don't write things down and you do actually take the test as it's designed, then, for many people, it's actually suprisingly difficult and often quite challenging. It's not a suprise that the average memory percentage is around 50-60% - it's not easy.

Why is the test timed ?

It's clear that the longer you look at a picture or a statement, the better you are likely to memorize it. However, life doesn't work like that ! Someone will only tell you something once and in that moment, you have to remember what they said. That's what we tried to recreate

Are you going to do any more work on the Memory Test ?

We will but we work on all the sites on the network in order which means that it take a little time. We will be adding a age related percentage as well so you can see how you compare to other people in your age bracket.

Where did you get the images from ?

We paid for the rights to use them. We are nice people and we don't go around stealing images. You can't copy them !

Enjoy the memory test !

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